Sascha End aka eddy0ne,
was born 1990 in the German town Homburg, started to spin vinyls in the age of 16, inspired by styles like Techno,
Drum and Bass and House he began in the age of 18 to Produce his own harder Beats with Fruity Loops.
2008 he´s got his first Release on a Netlabel called "Confuz" with Kevin Blank.

eddy0ne´s Hardtechno style was born.

He was listening to Hardtechno more and more and became a very big fan of it,
with 18 he went with his over the years collected vinyls to his first hardtechno parties as Dj.

In the age of Digital Music he use his skills more to produce his Beats and look for labels till this day and
There is no prospect of an end!